Patrick Ballantyne’s style is informed by classic Detroit radio, with songs that seamlessly combine British rock and roll with country soul.

“A songwriter of breathtaking range … rare musical talent.”
~ Jim Barber, Lithium Magazine
“There are household names, and then there are secret weapons. Ballantyne has so far been the latter, but that should change some day.”
~ Bob Mersereau
“He is one gifted songwriter. Days of Rain is a fantastic album. Every time you listen to it, you discover another layer of complexity and appreciate his musical ingenuity.”
~Jennifer Hartley, Ottawa Life Magazine

“Patrick J. Ballantyne’s put his stamp on a breadth of Canadian music: reggae, blues, rock, folk.”
~ Now Magazine, Toronto

“Patrick Ballantyne is words, music and song as he brings you the best of himself inside his latest compilation ‘Days of Rain’. Time is on his side as he imparts a fresh breath of soundness to his audience as he boldly lays it all down for you.”
~ Fresh Independence

“The man when it comes to writing a good damn song, particularly the kind that last.”
~ Tim Chaisson


Label Contact:
Matt Connell / Northwood Records