Patrick Ballantyne

“A Secret Weapon” – Bob Mersereau

If songs were grains of salt, Patrick Ballantyne is the salt shaker. Songs appear to flow from Patrick Ballantyne effortlessly. A sought after co-writer with cuts on over 10 albums and 2 solo albums of his own, his catalogue is continually expanding. Playing it safe as a lawyer by day, Ballantyne reserves risk-taking for his music. Never content to replicate, Patrick is innovative and experimental. He blends and bends genres, while maintaining an emphasis on melodies and lyrics. His body of work spans multiple genres, yet every song contains a deeply personal and soulful aspect. His latest (sardonically titled) endeavour “Hit-a-month” showcases his “breath-taking range” and enables him to expose his music in an immediate and intimate way.



Power of Words. Music. Melodies.

Co-write with Confidence. Find a song that resonates.

Early on, Patrick Ballantyne forged a strong bond with Gordie Johnson who later formed Big Sugar and Grady. Together they have written songs that have become staples of Canadian radio, including “If I Had My Way”, “Girlwatcher”, “I Want You Now” and “All Hell For a Basement”. Patrick also co-wrote the Trews’ single “Poor Old Broken Hearted Me,” which charted well for the band in 2007.   “Beat This Heart,” co-written with Tim Chaisson, received nominations in the category of ‘song of the year’ by the East Coast Music Association and Music PEI. He has been an active performer, writer, and industry panelist. He has a passion for co-writing with artists of all levels. If you are interested in co-writing with Patrick or would like to cut one of his songs, please contact us by email.

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