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Thanks Raz Mataz for the belated birthday wishes and this article was a pretty great gift too. http://razmatazmag.com/2016/listen-to-patrick-ballantyne-fore-the-harvest-comes/


Winter is Coming

Last year I brought you “Days of Rain”. Now, as the final installment in the “hot a month” series, I give you 25 Feet of Snow. It will be available on iTunes and The Northwood Records Store on Thursday. Special thanks to The Oh Chays for contributing again and Mark Plancke for his talents too.


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“A songwriter of breathtaking range, Ballantyne is one of those rare musical talents who is perfectly happy working behind the scenes to create songs that capture the hearts and imagination of music lovers, and hearing them interpreted or re-interpreted through the voices of others.”
Lithium Magazine

If songs were grains of salt, Patrick Ballantyne is the saltshaker. Songs appear to flow from Patrick Ballantyne effortlessly. A sought after co-writer with cuts on over 10 albums and 2 solo albums of his own, his catalogue is continually expanding. Playing it safe as a lawyer by day, Ballantyne reserves risk-taking for his music. Never content to replicate, Patrick is innovative and experimental. He bends and blends genres, while maintaining an emphasis on melodies and lyrics. His body of work spans multiple genres, yet every song contains a deeply personal and soulful aspect. His latest (sardonically titled) endeavour “Hit-a-month” showcases his “breath-taking range” and enables him to expose his music in an immediate and intimate way.

Ballantyne will play some select dates in the coming months, while continuing to write whenever he can with long-time collaborators and some new artists. Patrick explains, “I love co-writing…one never knows what will emerge. Writing is what I do most naturally…but every now and again I need to get on stage…to reference John Lee Hooker…it’s in me, it’s got to come out!”